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Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.

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Mission : Layrite honors the time-tested traditions of our fathers, and their fathers before them. When taking the time to look good wasn’t about vanity, but about preparing yourself to be good at something, and to do good for the world and others. in other words, why a man looks good is more important than how good he looks.Like that man, we also take our time. And by doing so, we are able create the kind of high performance products that not only exceed expectations, but continuously reset the bar for traditional men’s grooming in the 21st century. It is how we achieve our mission to passionately help people, barbers and communities look good, do good, feel great and Keep It Together everyday.

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Our story begins with Lucy Williamson O’Quinn, a Southern California native who has been playing around with hair color since the Flock of Seagulls started using hairspray. Creator Lucy Williamson O’Quinn went to the beauty supply store in 2012 and left in awe when she found there was no product that worked well for blondes to cover their roots between salon appointments. As a lightbulb appeared over her head, she realized something must be done, and she was just the girl to do it. The mission of Rootflage is to help women quickly, easily and affordably extend the life of their hair color between salon appointments. Rootflage got it’s start with offering blonde root touch up colors. Lucy later added more colors to her line so her brunette and red head friends can save time and money too!

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Church Oils are highly useful and intuitive essential oil blends for healing. The chemistry of essential oils has been documented,researched and is continuing to inspire new uses for alternative therapies. Oils have been used extensively throughout their history to treat infections, regenerate skin cells, help heal wounds, support the immune system, facilitate healing from emotional and psychological issues, support hormonal balance and many more applications.

Blending essential oils combines their inherent chemistries to produce Emerging Properties or a sum greater than it’s parts. CHURCH OIL blends each have a therapeutic focus but each oil in every blend will have many properties and the combinations will create their own synergy with your unique body chemistry.

All CHURCH OIL blends are made from the highest quality essential oils with known sources— blended in small batches. Jojoba oil, which has an indefinite shelf life and is the closest fatty acid to the skin’s own natural sebum, is the carrier. Every blend is put into a Miron glass bottle which extends the life and protects the potency and bio energy of it’s contents.

Church Oils is the creation of Hollis Church, full time resident of Kauai, owner of Dega Catering Inc., a Rock n Roll tour catering company, founder of the Glowing Body Yoga Studio in Knoxville, TN and Essential Oils enthusiast & student.

Hollis has completed Bastyr University’s Aromatherapy Certification Program in Seattle, WA. taught by Jimm Harrison of the Phytotherapy Institute.

Hours: Tuesday–Friday 9 am–7 pm, Saturday 10 am–4 pm